hello all, new to this

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hello all, new to this

Postby Bunnythecat » Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:51 am


My name is Trudy, I live in the UK, in surrey very close to London.

I am a female. 48 years old, have two grown up children, a daughter 24, a son 22 and a 5 year old beautiful granddaughter. I have been married for nearly 29 years and work as a Pension Admin Team manager and trainer.

I am as yet undiagnosed, but have recently had a brain MRI and nerve conduction test and have been informed that "some areas" of my brain have been identified as a possible cause for my symptoms and I am seeing a neurologist for my results tomorrow (19/06).

My history complicates matters as I have degenerative disc disease (progressive spinal condition) and have had 2 major spinal surgeries in the last 3 years.

After my last surgery I lost sensation in my left foot and lower leg and this was assumed to be nerve damage caused by the op which is not unusual. Also during the op there was a mishap where my spinal sheath was accidently cut and I was leaking spinal fluid into my body and had to remain still and in one position for 48 hous after my op. there was thought to be no further damage. However in dec 2012 I stared to have unexplained falls and my foot dropped and dragged. I continued to assume this was a result of a trapped nerve from the surgery but on visiting my GP was referred back to a neuro surgeon as my Gp felt my neurological signs were not normal. At the time I assumed other symptoms I was having were just due to medication and early menopause. However further tests proved that this was not the case and that is when the neuro surgeon referred me to the Consultant Neurologist.

On may 16th I collapsed at work, lost all feeling below the waist, was very confused, had blurred vision, tremors and severely shaking hands and extreme exhaustion.

Since then I have had quite severe symptoms of dizziness/loss of balance. tinnitus, pins and needles everywhere, especially in left leg and foot but also in left arm, face and head, distorted vision, severe weakness in left leg, disturbed sleeping patterns, shakes, spasms, difficulty swallowing and slurred speech. And on reflection, now that I can no longer blame all of these symptoms on my spinal condition, I have been experiencing some of these symptoms to a lesser degree for several years, bust assumed it was early menopause. For this reason I would be very surprised if the neurologist doesn't suggest MS tomorrow.

I am very luck to be on private health care via my employers so have been able to get appointments quite quickly.

Outwardly I am being quite brave about the diagnosis of MS, and whilst I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if this is what I have, I think deep sown the diagnosis would still be a shock.

I am trying to be positive, after all MS isn't life threatening, but it is life changing, but either way I hope I can get some answers quickly and start some kind of treatment a.s.a.p.

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Re: hello all, new to this

Postby want2bike » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:47 am

Dr. Bergman explains MS is caused by toxicity or deficiency. He gives a program for getting your health back. Many of the problems are caused by the things we eat. Many of us approach disease from a dietary point of view. There are a number of diets being used but the main things to understand is we need to put good things in our body and keep the bad things out. This will give our bodies a chance to heal.


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