Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?

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Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?

Postby Trevvian » Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:25 pm

I'm brand new to all of this, & have been lurking here for weeks, just reading all the posts & learning. Hoping I can add some of my experience that might help someone else--I found people's stories to be helpful. So it's a little long, but here goes.

I was just diagnosed in July. In mid-June, I had this odd sensation that my phone was vibrating in my pocket, but when I reached for it, there was no phone. Over the next week, this sensation spread through my entire left side, and became constant and very painful--kind of like licking a 9 volt battery feels. I was having a flare up of pain from a herniated disk as well, but this sensation was new. I finally went to the urgent care on a Saturday & they gave me some pain pills & told me to rest. The pain pills helped the disk pain, but I was sure I had some kind of pinched nerve, because this was NERVE pain & it was NOT going away. Called a chiropractor Monday morning & got in right away. He told me my symptoms were alarming, sent me to an internest immediately. Had my first MRI that same day & another the next & they told me up front they saw evidence of demyelination & were thinking MS. The next week, I saw a neurolgist, did my first ride on the Solu-Medrol train, and had more tests.

A week later, it was official. I have MS. The healed lesions on the brain, as well as two active lesions on the spinal cord, indicating 2 or more incidents, and the clinical symptoms hit the protocol for diagnosis. But, wow! I was fine last month--how is this POSSIBLE? I've had pain issues & fatigue & depression in the past, but this? This is nuts!

I decided to start a DMD (Tecfidera) right away--I'm not totally sold on the idea, but I figured I won't get the time back if I wait & I want to to additional research before deciding my long term strategy. Now I'm just waiting to see if my current symptoms (parasthesia, foot drop & insomnia, lassitude) will go away. The steroids knocked out the disc pain, but didn't do squat for the nerve pain, just made me very, very angry. :) I'm doing vitamins to fight the fatigue & gabapentin for the nerve pain in hopes of cashing in on the placebo effect, if nothing else.

I have a ton to learn about this and, quite frankly, I'm hoping this will go back into remission, the drugs will keep it at bay, and I can ignore it or at least use my crazy awesome coping skills to cocompensate without much difficulty.

I didn't even know it was POSSIBLE to diagnose MS that quickly. Well, let's be honest, I didn't know anything about MS, except that I've done MS walks in the past to support the mom of a friend of a friend. Guest I'll learn quickly.

Thanks to everyone who posts here--you have no idea how helpful it was to read your experiences & see that this thing is not the end of the world.

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Re: Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?

Postby atilladahunt » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:36 pm

Welcome Trevvian,

This is my first reply to a post as I'm also new here. Your story isn't much different than mine. I was diagnosed Aug. 21st. The thing that boggles my mind the most is that other than the smallest of tingles in my lower leg for about a year, I had ZERO symptoms until July when I had double vision for three days (lasting about an hour a day)...

Then I see the MRI and the Dr. tells me I have MS...that day I have tingles, burning, lermittes all over my body. I too have been trying to work through the maze of information the past two months trying to figure out my strategy.

So far this is what I've landed on...

I read Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by George Jelinek and it changed my perspective quite a bit. I'm not what you would call a person of faith, but I have decided to put my faith in his approach.

This means, cutting out all dairy and animal meat. This is a huge COST to my lifestyle, but like I said, I've put my faith in it. It will take quite a while before I will know if this is working. I started this the same day I saw my MRI.

I'm also trying to do the meditation he suggests. I've found that I've had to reinvent myself quite abit, because 'Old Matt' would have scoffed at meditation

I have a crap load of supplements coming my way too, but nothing that's not listed often on the Regiment section of this board.

I'm in my 120 dose phase of Tecfidera. My neuro insisted on a 4 week dose at 120 before getting the real dose. So far I haven't had any side effects.

I also walk as much as I can. I average about 3 miles a day 5 days a week. I plan on getting more serious about exercise as I get into better shape.

I'm a 36 yr old Male and was pushing 300lbs the day I saw the MRI. I have lost 40 lbs in the past 2 months and plan to lose 40 more in the next 6 months.

I don't have the pain that you have, just annoyances...this has helped me not have anger. So, the positive attitude that I read so much about is coming pretty quickly.

My G.P. prescribed me Cymbalta to help with the low level symptoms and anxiety. It seems to be working.

Take care,

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Re: Yowzers...from perfectly healthy to MS in 3 weeks?

Postby want2bike » Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:39 am

Check out the diet section on this site. It is the only hope for any disease. Drugs will not do any good.

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