Thank You Dr. Wheldon!

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Thank You Dr. Wheldon!

Postby bacteriaassassin » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:23 am

Dear Dr. Wheldon,
I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive 3 years ago. It nearly ended my life, not from the disease but from the effects it had on my life. I lost my job, I lost my credit, I essentially lost my life.
My neurologist told me when I was first diagnosed that I would be in a wheelchair, but case scenario, a walker for the rest of my life.
I flipped that idea the bird and started to take my life back. I told my doctor that my Aunt had sent me an email with the MS catalyst for a cure. I told her that I knew of the possible complications of your protocol and seeing that I knew the inherent dangers and that your protocol was at best experimental, as it was not approved by Health Canada. I found your site and your patient zero and watched the video repeatedly. I said to myself, I want some of that! If I only get some improvement, I'd be happy.
Unfortunately, I am a paranoid guy, and I thought this could so be Hollywooded but those thoughts were soon put aside, when I continued through your site and your arguments and they made sense to me, having minor experience in the medical field as an ambulance attendant.
When I brought your protocol to my doctor, I was prescribed the 3 antibiotics and have been on the protocol for 6 months, not long, but I am reaping the benefits in spades!! I am not being treated for MS as per say, but for a recurrent and persistent bacterial infection, there by allowing my dr. to stay with in her Hippocratic oath. I stay in close contact with my dr. to let her know what is going on with me. I really have to say that if I was able to take my doctor and you back in time I have no doubt that both of you would sit on the right hand of Hypocrites!
I have one question, my MRI indicated that a large portion of my frontal lobe was atrophied and the medical community said they didn't know why it happened, it just appears in later life, applying your arguments regarding the bacteria I could see how over the long term, the constant assault on the myelin on my brain and the other areas I am not sure of, may cause semi-permanent damage. I say semi-permanent because I feel once the bacteria has been eliminated from my body, my body will get to do what bodies do, the maintenance and repair of damage caused. What are you thoughts on this? And anyone else willing to weigh in on the subject! :)
Your protocol gave me new hope and I think everyone with MS or anyone that knows someone with MS should know. Congratulation! You contribution to life is VERY evident! I would dearly love to talk to you! I need to hear your voice to bring this closer to a consult. Thank you again!
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