M.S walk! Mri next week will it show?

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M.S walk! Mri next week will it show?

Postby melsywooh » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:45 am

Hi all,
I am currently undiagnosed. However, my last MRI was a year ago and was marked as non specific. Last week I had an episode of opticians neuritis, my left eye lost total vision and everything went grey but it's has resolved itself . Since then I can barely walk, I now have the very typical and very noticeable m.s walk, my legs are wider, I can barely shuffle along and my foot has fallen on it's side. I am low in vitamin D and have brain fog , spam, twitches and cramps at present, my walk is still the same.
My questions is do you think this may now show on an MRI which I am having next Saturday? Thanks guys
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Re: M.S walk! Mri next week will it show?

Postby dlynn » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:03 pm

Hi melsywooh,
Your symptoms along with your dx of ON (optic neuritis)are just like mine were 11 yrs. ago. But it was actually a "pins and needles"
sensation I had when diagnosed 20yrs. ago. Was it your eye Dr. who ordered an MRI or a neuro.? There is so much new info. regarding MS now that I wish I never persued a dx till I did research. Here is a website that you might find interesting and helpful www.ccsvi.org
The symptoms I have now are alot like yours. It doesn't take a major (exacerbation) physical health issue for something to show on MRI. My "pins & needles" sensation was all it took for the MRI results to show "brain stem lesions". Was it the same Dr. a year ago who ordered this MRI? I wish you all the best and there is so much helpful info. on all the threads here. Ask many questions, we're here to help.
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Re: M.S walk! Mri next week will it show?

Postby melsywooh » Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:45 am

Hi, Thanks for the response.
To answer your questions:
April 2012 had a sudden attack which lasted 7 months, I had multiple symptoms was sent to a neurologist who sent me for a battery of test. Most test were normal and the MRI performed last September showed white spots in various region of brain but were non specific. I was then discharged from the neuro. I was reasonably stable until a few weeks ago. I had ON the optician wrote to my g.p and recommended a referral, however in the mean time my g.p sent to An E as he was concerned about my eye. Upon this the AnE did pretty much nothing as by then the ON had gone. It was g.p that's ordered the MRI, I'm currently not under a neuro no more and I am uncertain if my g.p will follow the options recommendations x
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