new here but not new to MS

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new here but not new to MS

Postby shellyb21 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:48 pm

I have had ms since 1998 or thats when they thought I had but no symptoms lol I truly didnt know what was happening doctors finally in 2005 decided I did for sure have it and started me on meds been on a few rebiff ,the infusion and now tecfidera I love tecfidera I love how much better I have been feeling infusion put me in hospital twice so was off any meds for it for almost a year till I got techfidera approved love it finally feel normal and have my life back been very fortunate while off meds only one small relapse and none since the new drug woo hoo :) mom of 4 but we are trying as we speak to adopt my sisters 5 kids soon I truly believe that they will be in our home sure cant wait :) loving my life and all the coming changes we also own two dogs a cat two horses hampster and two bunnys :) a house full lol we night cant wait to meet all the people here
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