Still Awaiting Diagnosis

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Still Awaiting Diagnosis

Postby Jevoni » Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:09 am

On February 9th my whole world change. I woke up that morning realizing my legs had been replaced with a ton of lead.

I was unable to move my legs for 3 days. My legs became, like the sword in the stone, every doctor and nurse tried to move them but no one was strong enough, to even get them to move a millimeter.

By day four I was finally able to get my legs to relax enough to sit on the commode.

By day 7. I was finally able to walk the ten feet to the bathroom. Although I had to use my core muscles to move my legs.

By day 15, I was admitted into physical rehabilitation centre. For the first time I was finally able to urinate in less than thirty minutes.

By the third week, I had a day of spasticity in my right arm, all the way to my shoulder blade. I also developed spasticity down my spine. As well as developed a stutter and slurred speech (when I'm fatigued).

In week 4, I was taken into the ER, with the worst spasms as of yet. It had felt like baseballs were in my muscles trying to rip out. It took 6 hours and heavy dosage of pain killers, tranquilizers and muscle relaxers, to get the muscles to relax enough I could sleep.

By week 5, I have had more days than not that my right arm does not work. Some days I have been able to get around using crutches.

Today, I need a wheelchair for going more than a block or going up or downhill. Although if I do go out, I will not be able to move my legs the next day. When I get tired, it takes a lot of concentration to open my jaw enough to get the Baclofen (muscle relaxer) into my mouth.

I had doctors playing politicians, no one would give me a straight answer about anything. Finally after five weeks I got into see a neurologist. I'm now waiting for an MRI scan.
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Re: Still Awaiting Diagnosis

Postby want2bike » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:05 am

Check out what Dr. Bergman has to say. Give his treatment a try. You could get better.
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