Not new to MS but can't find a stable job

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Not new to MS but can't find a stable job

Postby stacy812 » Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:04 am

Hello all I am in my fourth year of having MS and cannot find a stable job. I have a contract job that I can go back to in about 5 weeks. The bad thing is that it is shifts which somehow I handled it and called in when my legs were feeling weak. My last 4 months I was forced to work on a different crew and was no happy because I had to work with a lady who could get away with anything and nothing ever happened no matter how bad she messed up but if I messed up I was called into the supervisor office. I tried so hard and my supervisor promised me that when they were hiring full time I would at least get an interview and today I got an email saying that I am not being considered for full time. I am so disappointed I worked so hard and did the shifts. I feel like I should talk to a lawyer due to harassment. Any advice??
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