Considering Treatment options

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Considering Treatment options

Postby ElenaBee » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:05 am

Hi there,
I was diagnosed with TM in 2011 and RRMS in December 2014. After the initial TM I have had few or no symptoms until recently. Dizziness mostly, feeling like I'm a little bit drunk all the time, plus fatigue and some cognitive difficulties. I saw my neurologist yesterday, and she wants me to start treatment. Basically she went through some of the options and said "read this over and make your decision". So, I am now going through a packet of information, and have a million questions.
I am in Canada, so I know some drugs are not approved here. These are the ones on my list: Aubagio, Tecfidera, Avonex, Betaseron/Extavia, Rebif and Copaxone.
The oral options frighten me the most, surprisingly, mainly because of the reduced lymphocytes and liver damage and the fact that there is no information on long term effects.
I think I am leaning most towards Copaxone, simply because it seems to have fewer side effects...however I have a cousin who was on it and stopped taking it because of anxiety.
Can anyone share experiences/ advice on choosing something?
I need to make a decision, which is difficult enough without brain fog. Please help.
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Re: Considering Treatment options

Postby RedneckMBA » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:50 am

I am new and recently had to make the same decisions. I chose Tecfidera. I was afraid of Copaxone because of the brief "fake" heart attack symptoms after dosing as described in their literature. I live alone and I definitely would be having anxiety attacks dealing with that.

I just completed week 6 on Tecfidera yesterday. There is a 8 week "honeymoon" period of adjusting to the medicine. I, like others, have had my share of gastro-intestinal problems during the honeymoon. One episode lasted a day. Another 4 days. Been about 3 weeks since I had any major problems. But slightly upset stomach and minor (for me) flushing effects continue to dog this medicine. Things seem to be getting better and I have 2 more weeks of honeymoon.

But in general, I feel better than I have in months since I have been on this medicine. As an added benefit, this medicine modifies (greatly reduces) my tendency to break out in eczema; another auto immune disease.

The side effects you site can be mitigated with regular blood tests. My Dr. Neuro has already ordered one set for me last week. So far so good for results. But if problems occur, I have no doubt we'll dump Tecfidera for something else.
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