New Zealand mum recently diagnosed

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New Zealand mum recently diagnosed

Postby magsnz » Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:44 am

Just want to introduce myself and say hi :mrgreen: and tell you all about myself

I was diagnosed in November - the week before my 30th birthday :( needless to say my friends made sure i had a really good time and forgot about things for a while... my neurologist now thinks that i have ms for about 13 years (since i was 17) when he thinks i had my first symptom. thankfully it was just extreme tiredness and i managed to have many years of playing my fav sport (basketball) until the beginning of last year.

I have had many symptoms over the years - but was always told "theres nothing wrong with you", i had double vision, tingling down my legs, tingling and weakness in my hands and arms. about four years ago i started getting "temporary paralysis"in my left leg... basically when i walk for too long my leg stops working - i fell playing basketball last year and that is when the neurologist finally realised something was wrong.

so after mri scans and lumber puncture i was diagnosed with ms.

i was devastated as i always thought i could be "fixed". anyway this year my bladder has started to get mixed messages - for anyone else who has this it is so frustrating :?

the good news is i can still work full time and be a good mum - although it is very tiring...

i look forward to chatting to everyone and maybe getting some advice on how to cope (on those bad days when nothing seems to go right) :cry: :lol: :x
Mags :)
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Postby Arron » Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:15 am

Hi Mags, we're happy you found us. :)
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