Hello, 3 mo from diagnoses in Seattle

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Hello, 3 mo from diagnoses in Seattle

Postby triara » Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:22 pm


I am 44, widowed, and a college student. I got the 21 gun salute for my final acknowledgement of MS. I had been denying it for some time. My sister has it. So it took a 2x4 to get my attention. Carted out of work. In the hosp for 22 days. Now I am on welfare waiting on disability.

It could be worse. I found out how very many real friends I have. People bought groceries, cleaned my house, paid my rent, and built a ramp for the one step into the house. I have tried to give back to life as much as I could along the way. Casting ones bread upon the waters is not a futile pastime.

I can talk again, and swallow. I am getting to catch up on fun reading, (large type, I get online literature and copy and blow it up in Word), and I am not complaining about the 50lbs that came off on the incredibly disgusting osterized hosp babyfood diet. It works, but I dont think it will ever be popular. The docs were freaking out, and my point was that I am STILL way to fat. People pay to go on supervised fasts at spas. 250 lbs is not wasting away.

I used to have animals always. I did exotics rescue. I have had fennec foxes, sugar gliders, and chinchillas, and also a rescue dog from Old Dog Haven. I dont anymore, because I can't guarantee that I am going to be out of the hospital enough to care for them. Another rescue came and got them when I was in the hosp for the 2nd time. I miss them, but their welfare comes first.

It has been recommended that I get a service dog. I have used my friend's Caucasian Mountain Dog for this. He is 180 lbs, and very hairy so I can hang onto his neck instead of using a walker. He stands to help me get up after sitting down, and we go for short walks. I wish I could have one as an official service dog, but he would take his own wheelchair bay on the bus. He is used to my friend, who has severe arthritis. He helps her up and down stairs and when she falls. His idea. He is a smart dog. I know its not feasible, he is huge, but I want one.

I have one class left for my AAS in Network Administration. Only thing, I can't remember most of it. I am in the honor society. I have scholarships left to burn, and I dont think I could handle even one class. So, I try to remember enough to manage my own home computer network. I am hoping to find my brain again somewhere. If you see it, tell it to go home. It's needed. I am a writer and a musician. It can't run away with my vocabulary, my foreign languages, and my music I keep in my head. I am using Eye-Q to help work on vision and brain function. At least typing has sped up. Using just one finger was ANNOYING.

Well that's me, not down, not discouraged, just determined. I am stubborn.

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Postby Shayk » Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:54 pm

Welcome Robin

I think there's quite a crew of determined people here. You certainly deserve kudos for not being discouraged since it sounds like your intro to MS was a rough one.

I think you'll find lots of info and support here.

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Postby Arron » Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:06 am

Robin, welcome. You've just added a large new set of friends :)
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