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Postby mscaregiver » Mon Jul 26, 2004 8:05 am

Hi Steve, welcome to the forum, lots of great information and great people here, a true wealth of information here..

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Postby carolsue » Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:17 am

Hi Steve,
I'm also new to this (diagnosed in april at age 40, started on rebif in may, found this site a week or two ago). I found it was real easy at first to max out on info, but have found these forums to be very useful.

Of course the psych part is the're bound to be depressed, scared, bitter, etc. at times. Being diagnosed with MS is a lot to absorb and is a major "life-change." If you think it'll help you, you should ask about antidepressants and/or counseling. The uncertainty of the future is the hardest part of ms for me. I don't know why or how, but I've recently developed a better acceptance of the unpredictability. There's very little in life we have real control over, with or without ms. I think we tend to delude ourselves. MS is my reality check!

Good luck with sorting out the info you need, managing your health, and raising those kids...As a non-parent, it seems like raising kids would be the real challenge! :wink:
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"I am what I am"

Postby JFH » Tue Jul 27, 2004 6:30 am

Hi Steve

It is scary isn't it? My diagnosis came at the end of June this year so I've had only a month living with the certainty (and only a couple of months with the probability) so cant claim any expertise.

But this site has helped me and I don't do to much googling about now. The folk here seem to me to be "normal" people with a range of reasonable reactions expectations and opinions on the condition - not sure I like the term disease. I find, understandably, many of the MS Sites are full of "primary colours" that is to say they are all v. v. +ve and perhaps over the top as a result - I think there's a good balance here in TiMS. I might need the bright lights and wide grins as time goes on I suppose. Writing a journal as well has helped me stay more calm.

Like you, I guess, I'm thinking, "Ok so there's only anecdotal evidence for ... therapy or ... food supplement but if it has helped someone it might help me too." I'm going to go for everything sensible that I can afford and wont make things worse. I'm trying B12 supplement first.

I'm lucky in the support I've had from family, friends and most co-workers (some of those don't quite get it - "There must be something they can do!") I hope your family gets behind you too.

I heard on the BBC an interview with a woman (sorry cant find a link to the broadcast) who was born hearing and sight impaired. She was asked if she ever asked herself "Why me?". She answered "No. Why should I? I am what I am?" I think that is a great attitude. I didn't bugger any donkeys to get MS, I don't belive a was singled out by any divinity - it just happed to me and I am what I am and must manage my lot.

Good luck in your journey with MS Steve and I hope your kids bring you half as much pleasure as mine have done over 23 years.

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