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Postby Lucy » Fri Aug 13, 2004 3:26 pm

Hi, I'm a new member. I'm from Michigan and was dx in about 1992 but had my first flare up ( big time one ) in 1982. The Neurologist thought it might have been Lou Gehrig's Disease. I took a vacation for 3 weeks - they thought I was a bit crazy for the feelings I described. Well, until age of 42 I had nothing wrong at all. Then I went blind in one I am. In 1999 I started to feel a bit of weakness in right leg and I've worked with it since. I have a mild/moderate case. Fatigue and muscle weakness in right side is major thing and I REALLY have to pace my activities or I will get sick. Had to learn not to volunteer all my time. I did make myself sick by doing too much work in the Animal Welfare/Rights/ Animal Cruelty in and day out. Hey, helping Animals is in my blood. I can't do any of that anymore. I would be in hospital after 1 day.
I take Copaxone, Symmetral, (sp) Wellbutrin 1x day and Allergy medicine.
Sure would be nice to try the LDN. Talked to my friend who is a Pharmacist today. He explained some of it to me. Interesting. Didn't know it was being used for MS. It is an old drug used to help drug abusers.
So glad I found this site. I love it. I can speak about things I know those with mystery illness will understand. Feeling blessed at this stage of the game.
That's about it..oh...I'm just turning 50.
Best of all to all of us.....SSF.
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Postby mscaregiver » Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:39 am

Hi Lucy and welcome to ThisIsMs , hope you enjoy the community and find useful information and get to know the great people here.

Take care, Philip
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Postby crispy » Sat Aug 14, 2004 5:53 am

Hi Lucy, :D

Welcome to the group. I'm trying to tie 'Lucy' in somehow with SSF, but perhaps I'm just ignorant, or just plain nosey! :wink:

You have so much information available here, I'm sure we'll hear from you again very shortly.

All the best,
Chris P :mrgreen:
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