Sorry for ignorance,just curious to know if any1 can relate?

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Sorry for ignorance,just curious to know if any1 can relate?

Postby mardybum » Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:21 pm

Hi all My name is Eva.....

Im not diagnosed with anything as too scared to see GP, but heres whats going on with me..

I have recently given birth (11 months ago) to my second child and feel like my body is out to get me. When I googled my symptoms i was thrown into looking at these boards and can relate to a good few symptoms. Im pretty concerned about my health as of late and would appreciate if anyone can identify with my symptoms?

For a good few years i get a tingling in my shoulder blade, but usually if I have sat awkwardly or slept wrong. The tingling can last days or just hours. ( I dont know if this is relevant but thought i had better share it)

However lately, well the last 5 months'ish, I have been getting flu like symptoms but no 'flu'. High temperatures/horrendous headaches( cant move head too fast as incredibly painful) eye pain ( when i move my eyes it hurts) During the temperatures/headache bout my knees get warm, stiff and swell then I find walking quite hard like I have NO energy. And TIREDNESS???? OMG, its such a pain. I cant function, but I have to. I initially put this down to having a new baby, but she's a sleeper.... so this isnt it. When I feel ill I can barely care for her.

Thankfully I only feel ill for about 3-4 days and usually have period of a week-10 days without feeling ill again. It used to be a good stretch of about 3 weeks before the temps/headaches etc kicked in. Its not such a long stint inbetween now which has prompted me to research my symptoms.

My menstrual period has gone to pot also. Im usually 28 day cycle, but since Jan (roughly when this started) I am getting months without periods or 38-50 day cycles. I have bled for 5 weeks straight even thru prescribed hromones to stop it!! and my last menses lasted 2 days and was the heaviest i have ever seen it. It was around my last period (and the previous one) when I got worse with the temps/headaches.

I have been taking steroid nasal spray for what my gp thinks is glue ear, my hearing is a bit wobbly lately and I have to 'pop' my ear/blow my nose to pop it to hear ok. My balance is also off beacuse of this.

Im sure that all this could be something or nothing, but It would be interesting to see if anyone could relate.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post
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Dear Eva

Postby havingms » Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:55 pm

It is just my opinion, but I think that it's irresponsible on your part to be posting on forums in hopes of getting a diagnosis from a community of lay persons. You need to go and see a doctor/expert immediatly. Your symptoms sound serious to affect your life and the sooner you are in the know, the better off you will be. There is nothing worse than being in the dark when it come to your health. Please go see a doctor that can help you to get on with your life. Don't let fear stop you from being healthy.
See a doctor. Its important.
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Welcome, Eva

Postby lyndacarol » Sun Jul 08, 2007 5:41 pm

One of my character flaws is that I speak up when I should stay quiet--this is probably one of those times. Please take my words with my intent only to help.

I am not a physician; others here at this site are and can give you more valuable advice, I'm sure.

In my layman's opinion, you have reason to see your GP and seek answers to your symptoms, which are not normal! You must seek to resolve these problems especially for your young children.

Yes, the symptoms could be related to MS--but many other possibilities. Headaches with eye pain...maybe migraines? Warm, stiff, swollen knees...maybe rheumatoid arthritis? Menstrual period problems...maybe endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome? These are in a family of diseases called "autoimmune diseases," as is MS. It is not uncommon for a person with one to be diagnosed with a second or even a third; many researchers think there is a common thread to them.

I, myself, was diagnosed with endometriosis; and 10 years later I got the diagnosis of MS.

The "ear problem" with the balance complication sounds like it might be sinusitis, which I have also.

Certainly your physician could rule out or help alleviate some of these conditions. MS is often a diagnosis by default--when everything is rule out--there is no definitive test for MS.

Perhaps a thorough exam and blood tests are a good place to start. I am this site's resident believer in excess insulin as the instigator of MS so I recommend a fasting serum insulin (not glucose) test. (My levels are elevated.) Others here will recommend other tests which are also good to detect possible deficiencies.

Start a file, keep copies of each test result, find a compassionate physician who is willing to work with you and answer questions without feeling threatened. Read, read, read; and don't hesitate to ask questions here--we are all on this same quest and we try to be supportive and helpful to each other. Welcome aboard, Eva. Good luck to you!

(And, see? I write much longer posts than you!!!)
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