MRI Results - Any insight?

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MRI Results - Any insight?

Postby justmeandmytingling » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:28 pm


Well, just got back from GP. He says "no lesions on the brain, but I am not ruling out MS yet", so he is still referring me for a neurology appt. on 11/14. Here's what my report says: What do you think?

T2 weighted imaging demonstrates punctate areas of high signal intensity within the centrum semiovale, possibly representing prominent Virchoe-Robin spaces. There is no evidence of abnormal enhancing lesion. The periventricular white matter appears normal bilaterally.

Post contrast imaging is negative for abnormal enhancing lesions. The corpus callosum appears normal in width and signal intensity. The foramen magnum and cerebellar tonsils appear normal.

Impression: Essentially normal-appearing MRI of the brain with and without contrast. Punctate areas of signal aberration within the centrum semiovale bilaterally, seen on axial T2 weighted imaging, may simply represent prominent perivascular spaces (Virchow-Robin spaces) and are not seen as discrete abnormalities on other sequences. END

So, what makes me wonder are the words "may simply" and "possibly representing"? THose words are UNSURE words, that's what worries me. THANKS for any insight !!
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Postby AllyB » Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:05 pm

Hi there

Just a quick point - I think you should have had your c-spine done too as you can have lesions in the spine and not in the brain, and have "cervical" ms - mine was like that initially, and I have always had mri's of both areas at the same time.
I have had ms for 8 years, and only in the last 2 years have I developed lesions in the brain, previously they were all in the spine, with corresponding symptoms (numbness, weakness, spasticty/stiffness, pain - all in the rt arm and leg/hand and foot and L'Hermittes sign) and more recently, fatigue, cognitive issues etc...
Maybe you can have an mri of your c-spine if you feel your problems are all there, then you will have something to show the neuro, without having him send you, then you having to go back to him...I am not sure how it works in your country, but if you can, get your GP to order the c-spine mri and have it done now, before you see the neuro.

All the best - this is good news that your brain is still there and in "good" shape!

Take care and keep us posted.
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Re: MRI Results - Any insight?

Postby Lyon » Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:21 pm

justmeandmytingling wrote:So, what makes me wonder are the words "may simply" and "possibly representing"? THose words are UNSURE words, that's what worries me. THANKS for any insight !!
First, welcome to the site and I'm sorry that you are experiencing the problems which made you look for us!

I know this has got to be a traumatic time for you and November 14 seems forever distant but none of us here are going to be able to give the "yes/no", "probably/probably not" answer you're looking for.

Even the brains of normal people aren't perfect and all MRI's don't turn out perfect and the "may simply" and "possibly representing"? might mean nothing more than the quality of the MRI isn't great or that some aspect of your brain doesn't look like the textbook images.

I can't tell you that there definitely isn't anything to worry about but 11/14 is a long ways away so do your best to keep your mind off it as much as you can :(

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My experience

Postby lyndacarol » Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:44 pm

Welcome, justmeandmytingling.

At this site, we may all have a connection to MS, but we all have our unique thoughts and suspicions about it. Many suggestions come from our own experience.

Here are mine: Ask that the MRI be read with special observation of the sinuses. I have had sinus drainage all my life, but do not suffer pain or typical sinus "problems," nevertheless, on MRI it was noted that I have severe sinusitis. Many with MS frequently report sinus infections, sinus problems, or allergies. I think there is a connection.

I also have elevated levels of insulin (not to be confused with glucose--this is always low in me), I eat no carbohydrates. I think there is a connection with insulin, too. I urge everyone I know with MS to request "a fasting serum insulin test."

My first MRIs showed no lesions in the brain. Doctors at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic thought my problems stemmed from a herniated cervical disc; they did surgery; they were wrong; nothing improved from that surgery. Do not rush into surgery--second opinions are always good.

Keep reading, keep searching, keep posting. Best to you.
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