Hi, from MrsGeorge's Husband

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Hi, from MrsGeorge's Husband

Postby woolfy » Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:54 am

Just an introdution to all here.

As you prob konw my wif ehasn't been officially diagnosed yet, but the noises the neuro made tend for it to seem that she does. Still early stages and from what we know it looks like RRMS at the moment. The hospital did take a wad load of blood to test for, whatever they test for, to check for other causes of the symtoms she has.

However with ON, dyspraxia, dizzyness & exhustion, it all seems to point to MS.

She recently had her first MRI (head and spinal), so waiting for the results of that.

So more waiting is in order, and researching here to see what i can do for her in these times and the future.
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