New, but got here as fast as I could

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New, but got here as fast as I could

Postby Artifishual » Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:06 am

Hello, Where to begin? 34/w/m with new case of MS. Have known for a long time something was not well with me, but just ignored it. I come from a long healthy past. I played college football , ran seven miles a day after all the yrs of ball. Then suddenly one day I just quite. It had started getting really hard for me to exercise. Had noticed other changes also my mood, really bad back pain, occasional numbness, and later eye sight. Kept ignoring it for about 4 years. Not completely,had seen some Dr.'s that were not qualified to diagnos me. Went from bad to worse about two years ago, mainly with bladder problems and almost complete blindness in left eye, not urinating. Went to one urologist that said I had bladder blockage from my prostate. Another miss. After a surgery that caused alot of pain I went to a nuerosurgen(sp) with my back pain. After mri he said there was nothing he could do because he thought I had ms. What a shocker! Now I've been seeing a Dr. in Houston for about two years. Have had several flare ups mostly MS hug where all your stomach and legs go numb. Recieved steriod trametment for each one of those and then monthly pulse steriods. That sucked. Recently started Rituxan about two weeks ago finished four weekly treatments of which I haven't seen any improvement, but no flare ups. Any way this is my little story about how my ms has gotten me to this point. I don't have time to type my entire story. Thanks for reading my post and feel free to post your experiences or PM me. Thanks again
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