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Postby artisanity » Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:43 pm

Found this group today.
Have had "possible MS" since 1969. Relapse and new tests 2004 with definite DX of MS. Was on Betaseron for almost 4 years. Really bad relapse in Dec. 2007. Changes to Copaxone and had a bad reaction on day 4 & 5 of it.
Was told to stop it. Then it took several months and new MS neuro specialist to get me started on Tysabri. Had my first infusion on April 16. That went well. I had an after effect of extreem moodiness for 2 days.
It is very expensive even with our co-pay insurance.

Have been fortunate to not have had major problems with MS until this last relapse. Am working hard to get some things back that were effected.
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