Hello from the Garden State!

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Hello from the Garden State!

Postby ellinj0206 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I was diagnosed with MS three weeks ago this upcoming Thursday. It started with Optic Neuritis and you could have blew me over with a feather when the Opthamologist said "you know, I want you go to go a neurologist. This could be MS." Well, after plenty of testing, MRI, etc. I met with the neurologist (after an initial meeting) and in 10 minutes found out I had MS, what the pros and cons of the treatment options were, and I was told to think about the treatments and contact his secretary and tell her what med I want to go on. Needless to say I was DEVISTATED. I felt like I was told I had a week to live or something! Knowing very little about MS I wasn't sure what that meant! I was also baffled as to how all these other symptoms never seemed to be present for me other than the eye issue just the one time.

Fast forward to a second opinion with an AMAZING neurologist who was so kind, caring and fabulous. Even though he's about 45 minutes away, he's well worth the trip. I had the same diagnosis, but felt so much more at ease, hopeful and empowered.

Tomorrow my Avonex will be delivered and I'm hoping this week, if not next week I will be starting my treatments. I am very nervous about it, but know it's the best thing for me. I also take plenty of vitamins and supplements including plenty of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids which I have been reading a lot about it terms of assisting with brain repair, cell repair, etc.

I am 28, have a very good job in Higher Education and besides the crummy news, I'm pretty optimistic things will be OK for me!
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Postby jimmylegs » Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:59 pm

welcome elli, you've found a great place to learn and commiserate :)
those first days after dx are a shocker aren't they. i remember feeling totally disconnected from reality, all my frame of reference was gone gone gone.
but you sound really positive, proactive, and generally on it. kick some ms butt!
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Re: Hello from the Garden State!

Postby NHE » Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:14 pm

Tomorrow my Avonex will be delivered and I'm hoping this week, if not next week I will be starting my treatments. I am very nervous about it, but know it's the best thing for me.

Welcome to ThisIsMS. You'll probably want to take a look through the posts on the Avonex forum. Many of the folks there, myself included, have found that ibuprofen is much more effective in blocking Avonex's side effects than the Tylenol that Biogen recommends. Since your just starting out, you might want to consider taking 200-400 mg at the time of your shot and then about every 6 hours afterwards. Feel free to post any questions you might have on the Avonex forum.

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Postby Inquiz » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:37 am


Your experience sounds just like mine. I went for a simple eye exam thinking I needed glasses and got hit with the I'm sending you to a neurologist.

I have been on Avonex now since May. I, too, have found ibuprofen (Motrin to be exact...I have no clue why Advil would be different but it has made a difference) helps the best. I have also found that icing the area before the injection helps me (if you feel any injection pain.)

Good Luck!
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