Newby says-Name This Tune!

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Newby says-Name This Tune!

Postby Cojack » Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:33 pm

Name This Tune

Hello, I’ve been poking around the forums for a couple of weeks now. Currently I’m considered sub clinical or pre sero something…by one top neuro and no MS by another. That’s the good news. The ‘bad’ news is symptom don’t lie. I’ve had many precursors: Epstein Barr virus/about 20 yrs ago...lasted for over a year. Two separate week long bouts of vertigo. Two yrs ago a five week ‘hug’ couldn’t take a deep breath and left sided tingling that the doc and I thought was heart related, all tests neg for that. Year ago, head ache that lasted for a month…thought it was TMJ/got treatment/disappeared. And intermittent...hug/couldn’t get deep breath for a day or two during the last 2 yrs.

June: the symptom onslaught began.
1) Head to toe left sided tingling-went to ER-CT – neg…cog issues out of the blue-word location short term memory…couldn’t remember neighbors’ names…basic words…
2) Consistent for the first 5 months and even now…was what can best be conveyed as a multi focal?/or bouncing around of symptoms; e.g. pressure from the top of my head (identical to a year ago) then one temple to the other, to the chin, left arm, foot etc and around…(not necessarily in an order )…to this day/it’s now not as frequent/but tingling and head pressure is present/it’s as if each day I wake up and it presents itself in my cognition/or it’s a hands tingling/numb day, or eye pain (lite pins around it day) or fatigue, and usually will switch symptoms during the day…although a few times I’ve had consistent symptoms like numb hands for several days or for a week.
3) The most disconcerting symptom now: is neuro pains…which are becoming chronic, especially in the evening. I’ve had one blast from the back of my head along my left eye optic nerve about two months ago that hurt like…and hurt for couple of weeks. Now it’s mostly pins to scattered nail gun type blasts…virtually anywhere, no safe harbors anywhere on bod. Sometimes the pins can feel like comprehensive raining on the whole body.
4) I’ve left out other burning forearms…veins seem to all be to be raising to the surface…temple veins are permanent…all the years I’ve lifted weights I couldn’t get vein definition like I have everywhere now. Dry eyes. Sinuses feel like they’re filled…then the head pressure and hot forehead, neck will vacate and manifest elsewhere. Oh, and I’ve had a rash mostly on the torso but legs, arms…and my navel is constantly red/brownish…if you press on it the colour disappears…so it’s not a skin rash or surface rash…

Lovely stuff…there’s more but this is enuf insanity to divulge. I’ve mentioned all this stuff to see if anyone else out there presented like this. I know there’s no real typical scenario…oh yeah, my lumbar puncture came up negative…they’ll re MRI me in 6 months…if anyone wants to PM me with comments that’s welcome…I’ve searched the forums for especially for the NEURO PAIN…haven’t come up with much…if that many shocks are getting through/then is the lesion laying down (disability next) …It feels as if the myelin sheath is being systematically & comprehensively dismantled…I want to beat this thing to the punch/pay for my own mri this month…anything to be proactive…and yeah...i've confused the neuro's also.


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