A new guy!

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A new guy!

Postby cdaw » Sun Nov 28, 2004 1:41 pm

I've been lurking a while and decided to register last night.
I'm 32, Male, from northern Ohio, married 6 years, self employed (http://www.englesdiscount.com). My name is Jeremy, - Nice to meet ya!

My family doctor diagnosed me, and referred me to a Nero. At this point in time, (6 months from first attack) I'm waiting to see him, should be on December 3rd, but I may cancel that and switch to the Mellon Center, since I live nearby / not sure yet - I don't have health insurance, so I tend to stick with what I can afford/ So far it's cost me over 2g's...ouch. so now I'm looking to get in on an "open enrollment" policy very soon, or at least qualify for a reasonably priced med.

Here's my history :
My presenting symptom was retrobulbar optic neuritis- Right eye
unfortunately I presented to my eye doctor, who told me to get a CAT scan and see an optical specialist, which I did. The CAT showed nothing but a normal brain, and the Optical Specialist called it "idiostatic". I was likely to never have another problem. I had no treatment and my blind spot w/pain went away after about 4 1/2 weeks.

2 Weeks after that I had Vertigo followed by dizzies, My regular doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to get antivert. Which I did. It sorta helped ~ by making me sleepy. That lasted about 3 weeks.
Overlapping the dizzies I had paresthesia in my calves come and go.
About a month latter I had optical palsy in my left eye (causing double vision) I presented this to my doctor and he suggested it was time for an MRI. - Which I did.

7 areas of "Bright signal" consistent with demyelinating process...
My Doc told me I have MS and to see a Neurologist. This was what I was expecting, but still a bit of a shock to hear him say it.

I've got everything clinically documented except for my latest symptom which is spastic face muscles every time I take a shower.
I hope to not need to go thru much more testing just to get a script for one of the ABCRs I'm a bit freaked at the speed and frequency of my attacks, but relieved that nothing overly serious has occurred thus far-

I'd really prefer not to re live the vertigo.

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Postby Jill » Sun Nov 28, 2004 3:04 pm

hi jeremy, welcome to the site. i'm also in ohio, west central ohio, and newly diagnosed. if you can post after your visit to the mellon center, i'd love to hear about your experience there. it's a long drive for me, but i may end up going that far if an adequate neuro cannot be found closer. take care of yourself, best of luck with your treatment.
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Postby Arron » Sun Nov 28, 2004 4:49 pm

Hi Jeremy, welcome to the community-- I'm very glad you decided to join us. :)
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