Controlled My MS for 6 Years

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Controlled My MS for 6 Years

Postby JilPhones » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:58 am

Hi all,
It is good to be part of this forum.
I was diagnosed six years ago. No doubt my story is the same as most when dealt such a bombshell. I am sure there are those worse off than myself and we all know what a horrible disease MS is. I guess I was and still am lucky. I have never been able to accept how I should have this disease and set about finding out about it from forums books and from trying things recommended. I have done the Avonex thing and it made me feel soooo bad. I am convinced I was on the downward spiral with this disease towards becoming a basket case. I stopped that within a year because of the heart palpitations. Clearly drugs were not the way for me. I set about looking at how I live my life, what had gone before and was able to pin down some health incidents in my life which made me totally convinced my whole condition is down to bowel health.
To be honest I try not to read the doom and gloom of these forums. The downsides can often serve to increase peoples misery. I'd rather accentuate the positive by positive action.
There is a reason for this disease. There may not be a cure but it can be reversed and it can be controlled. Many have done it and many still do.
I am intent on maintaining the positive and will enter dialogue with all members who are of a like mind and wish not to use their condition as a source of pity. I know this happens, I have spoken to many. I am very private about my condition. For instance, I tell no-one. I do not see why anyone at work for instance should think less of me because I have MS. I do not wish to be disadvantaged.
In life we all start out the same. Where we end up is entirely up to ourselves.
Think of this "The same wind blows on us all - it is the setting of the sail that gets us to where we want to be"

Peace and Love :D
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