Cool Site like it here...

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Cool Site like it here...

Postby skydog » Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:05 pm

What a breath of fresh air to find so many people with one goal in mind... PPMS will not stop me !!! The info I can get from everyone here is sure to help. For me it was a rough road to the final conformation of ms. The early signs were largely ignored by all the Dr.'s I was seeing. They all said your in too good of health to have ms. Your just getting older. Blood tests do not indicate ms. Try this and that pill for the pain ect. Not until I had the MRI did anyone believe me. I did finally see a Neurologist. With the MRI showing what the neuro said would put most in a wheelchair drooling speechless. What can I say... I am Scotch Irish and you can knock me down and blacken my eyes but soon as I can get one open I will be back at ya.
My outlook changed. Quit work and have devoted 100% of my time to getting better. Nutrition the cornerstone in keeping it under control. Unfortunately I have been slowly progressing into further disability. The fatigue and drop foot are always present. So what next ? I am open for sugestions. I love life. My hobbies are gardening, photography and hang gliding. Yes !!! I still fly in the right conditions. It takes a support crew to get me in the air these days but with the cool breeze in my face and not having to worry about where my feet are I feel free. Peace and Health to All Mark
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