Hi folks...I too have MS actually PPMS

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Hi folks...I too have MS actually PPMS

Postby peekaboo » Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:18 am

I have been watching this site for roughly 6 mos. I found this site by googling Dawsons Fingers. Otherwise I would not have found this site. I'm passing the word! I find the group forums exciting, knowlegeable and very friendly.

I was originally mis- diagnosed w/ RRMS in 2000. at that time my symptoms were not severe and the Neuro went with the stats. 80% of the MS pop have RRMS and the rest = to the remaining 20%. AT that time I was under the standard regemine using Copaxone. Copaxone was not aleviating my symptoms and I was getting worse. So I got swithed to Avonex. The results were the same. I talked w/ my Neuro stating that once I get a new symptom it stays. No remission no real events. Then I was re-diagnosed w/ PPMS.

In retrospect I had definate sympoms atleast from 1995. I went to a chiropracter at first because I would have electrical impulses going from my next down through my right side. Especially if I put my chin down to my chest. (there is a technical name for this which I forget and my neuro told me that it is a sign that the ms is active).

I am 50 yrs old..in menapause for 2+ yrs. (double whammy?) I am not taking any Rx for PPMS. Like many of U out there I rely on vitamins minerals, herbs and diet etc. I am wheel chair bound although I can stand or walk with assistance 10 ft or so. Humor keeps me going.

I look forward to joing you in the forums...
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Postby jimmylegs » Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:11 am

welcome peek such a cute name heehee! that jolting when you bend your head forward is called l'hermitte's sign. i used to get that too, it's a bummer. anyway, welcome again :)
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