New and not sure ...

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New and not sure ...

Postby pinpricks » Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:09 pm

- Update March 28 (i dig further back)
Note: Sorry for misspelling, I'm French speaking.

Hi all

I don’t want to bother anyone of you so I will make it short but clear.
First I don’t have yet been diag with MS.

Get up and ... lost my strength on left leg
- Drop foot
- Unable to go out the car without the help of both arms lifting my leg
- Gone after 3 days
- Not gone to EG

Somewhere between 1985 and 1993:
- Awake ... then an incredible pains (crushed) is all over both legs under knees.

Somewhere between 1985 and 1993:
- Sudden incredible pain (crushed) down my hips to my feet both side. I'm crying (twice).
- Not gone to EG

I get sudden "twitching" all over and "clonus" (rapid shaking) on the left side (hand and leg) withing 2 to 3 weeks + some paresthesia that resolved withing 2 weeks.
I let it go its way and went to the neuro 4 month later. EEG + EMG ... nothing except unexplained "clonus".
I stay with those twitches all over + trembling (clonus?) on left side.
Found it could be BFS (Benign Fasciculation Syndrome), in other words IDK ... I Don't Know!).

Unexplained attack of tingling + "pin pricks" (needles that are poked suddenly into the skin)
An other neuro. 5 mn interview ... the same things as before. Gone after months.
I stay with those 1993 twitches (a lot less) + trembling on left side.

All brand new symptoms arise.
- Burning like "sun burn" (mainly legs and arms)
- Tingling
- Skin hypersensitivity (feel cloth rubbing my skin like a sand paper)
- Horrible pain all around my chest for 2 weeks (looks like I had MS hug ...)
- Visual hallucinations when awaken in the middle of the night (I was seen geometric figures like concentric circle on the dark background).
- Lost conscious one time (had EEG ... nothing)
- Had visual artifacts during the day like sparking light, lost peripheral vision right side (came back after)
They did an MRI and it is showing "hyper-dense" spots in my left brain "without objective cause ... benign"
I stay with some burning (legs mainly) pain and some tingling added over the trembling and some twitches. Peripheral vision is back to normal.

All brand new things again
- Attack of "pin pricks" (needles poked into my skin and even worst it was nails, stabbing pain).
- Sudden migrating pains (finger then toe then back ... moving around).
- Tingling all over
- Skin hypersensitivity
- Burning sensation again
- Again the visual hallucination when awaken at night came back
- Twitches increased a lot too as well as full body tremor (wakes and wane).
- Urinary urgency WITHOUT pain (I may awake 3 times a night)
- I became constipated
- Worst ... if i have a "strong" emotion then the tingling INCREASE (It means something is bad in my brain ... no?)
At this time no diag. Blood ok (My GP told me, you know, as usual … it is anxiety). I'm seen a NEW neuro. I'm scheduled for EMG.

- Meantime I fall down in my bathroom twice without reason.

At this time symptoms decreased but stay like this:
Some "pin pricks", tingling all over except face, feet and hand, burning and aches.
Legs feel stretched. Prickly feeling around eye.
Everything worsens if I do exercise most of the time after exercising (heat?)
Urinary urgency and constipation.
And … the usual twitches + a little tremor (hand and legs)

To me it's MS. I don't see other conditions.
The problem is that i don't have any strength that is lost (it seems ...). I'm not fatigued.
It looks I'm in a remitting/relapsing pattern. Every time it's an addition of new problems.
Since I don't look poor.... I've been treated a anxious, hypochondriac ... psy something ... etc.
The other problem is that in 2004 i was in withdrawal of RIVOTRIL, an addictive benzodiazepine that give you all sort of symptoms.
So everything was mixed in 2004.

What is your opinion? From the point I had this MS hug (it looks) ... I'm pretty sure.
Could a prickly feeling one of the many symptoms of MS?
I have to battle like crazy so that they have to admit I have a real problem. So I’m planning doing a paper showing progression of symptoms over years.

Thank you ...

I'm presently 57.[/u]
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Postby jimmylegs » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:24 pm

i think you're on the right track. sounds to me like you're pretty much hitting the mcdonald criteria, dissemination in space, in time.. glad you're going to a new neuro. you need to know for sure and not be told you're imagining all this. :?: :!: :?: :!:
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Re: New and not sure ...

Postby ScaredofMS » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:02 pm

did you ever get your diagnosis?
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