Hello from Califonia

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Hello from Califonia

Postby LoveActually » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:56 pm

Hi everyone,

My name is Sarah and I am a 26 year old mom of two, a 7 year old son and an almost 2 year old daughter. She's the cutie in the picture but don't be fooled by the sweet exterior, that girls got one HOT attitude. LOL!

I am married to a wonderful man who is a Pilot in the Army and we are currently stationed in CA. I work from home running a web based baby boutique and decor website. Two totally different ends of the spectrum but both offer something a little different to spark all the creativity bundled up inside.

Now on to the reason why I love ThisIsMS. :D On May 5, 2009 my doc said, "I'm going to refer you to a neurologist, sound's like you have MS." This is after going through a few of my symptoms with him. I've been experiencing symptoms since my late teens and after researching I learned that I have many more symptoms that point towards MS.

I have a EMG scheduled for June 9th, a 72 hour EEG for June 10th and I am waiting on my referral to go through to schedule my MRI. Something you have to do when going through military insurance. My symptoms suck but I love my life and try to be happy as much as possible. I have my moments when my emotions get the better of me and the water works are uncontrollable but we get through it.

I'm here to learn, lend an ear (or in this case my eye's) and hopefully help in any way possible. Thank you.
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Postby sara33 » Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:41 am

hi sarah, welcome here. i am new here also. my name is sara also and our stories are a bit similar. we were stationed in CT, at the sub base six years ago when i found out about my ms. i had a three year old and a newborn. the positive point was that i was a rn and pretty much knew what i was dealing with, as you know how military doctors can often be.

what are the symptoms you are having? at the beginning i had the lhermites sign and trembling, then optic neuritis and numbness. i have never had an emg, but i have had tons of mri's. trust me, i know all about tricare. i use to call it try-to-care. i got my mri the next day, because i threw a fit, (basically because i knew i was right and was being blown off). it was this whole huge thing, they called my husband up from the boat, blah, blah. then when they actually got the results back they all had to apologize for being ignorant, lol.

one thing you do need to do is enquire to your doctors for the paperwork you need for exceptional family member status. you can get moved to a one story house(i had to, i kept falling down the stairs), or to a house with an additional bedroom if you need a caregiver. they will also install handrails down the halls, and in the showers/tubs/toilet areas for you. and for me, the also installed a garage door opener because i was too weak to lift it at some points. also, they will put in ramps and stuff like that too.

also, get the paperwork from your neurologist for a handicap placard. it will be much easier taking both kids to the commisery or whatever if you are feeling tired. even if you don't need it on the way in, you might be glad you parked there on the way out.

aside from making it difficult to get a correct diagnosis, the military will practically bend over backwards to help you afterward. all you need, is of course, the right paperwork.

anyhow, i've probably given you enough information for now. just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. i've been there:) if you need to talk or anything let me know:)

ps- and before we got out of the navy i had them pay for a motorized scooter also, as they are so expensive. tricare covered all of it.
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