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Postby Liesel » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:26 pm

Hi 39 yr old female diagnosed at 37.

Had first symptoms at 27 - numbness both legs from thighs down. Was bedridden for 4 months until it went away and I could walk again. I spent the next 10 yrs happily symtom-less.

I thought the numb legs were a pinched nerve! It was that "pinched nerve" that changed my life becauseI spent my time in bed, deciding what to do with my life.

I spent those 10 yrs actually thinking that "pinched nerve" was a blessing because it made me get off my duff and start REALLY doing something.

And, I'm thankful that I was blissfully ignorant for 10 yrs that it was really MS causing the problems. Because it was a great, blissfully ignorant 10 yrs.

But now I know I have MS. Recent symptoms haven't gone away. Can't wear heals, can't ride bike. Please don't look at me funny because I might fall down. Where'd my balance go? Did a wrecking ball hit me because I'm so tired.

So I'm in the same place as I was when 27. Wondering what I'm going to make of my life. Will I work again? Is a cane really an attractive accessory for any one besides Snoop Dog and Willy Wonka?

I'm here because no one knows anything about what causes MS or how to arrest MS thru medicine.

So I'm on this site to try and find out what people are doing about rehabilitation. Because I'm determined to walk like normal again.

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Postby Lyon » Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:19 pm

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Postby CRHInv » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:04 am

Welcome Liesel. I am so sorry and understand your concerns. I am new to this and have similiar concerns. There are many smart and caring people here. There is also more information here than I can even get through. I hope you find the answers you are looking for and can heal. You sound determined and that is so important.

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Postby Liesel » Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:22 pm

Thank you for your replies.

Lyon, I was diagnosed 2 years ago.

I'm glad for info about steroids and intend to research more on this site.

My gut feeling is that I do not want to take steroids - ever.

I see my neuro next week and will start discussing my "bias" with him then.

I figure Dr. and I should duke it out it out before he thinks I need steroids. Because if he's trying to prescribe steroids during a relapse, I probably won't feel much like arguing then. I already know he is pro steroids.
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Postby catfreak » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:54 pm


Welcome, I to am sorry that you have to come here, but this is the best place you can be for comfort and advice and knowledge.

I hope you find some answers soon.

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