Hello to everyone!

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Hello to everyone!

Postby bindsanator » Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:27 pm

Hi everybody

Like so many others, I came across this site by chance, read a fair bit and am really interested in what everyone thinks about the whole MS disgrace. I am a Canadian girl from Toronto currently living in London, England. I was diagnosed RRMS in 2004 but due to the marvel of the internet I knew I had it well before. I have personally met very few people with MS so it is good to associate (albeit electronically)with others who know how much it sucks...Personally, I have fuzzy vision, not great balance and my bladder hates me, hearing is bad on one side but otherwise ok.

I am going for an adult stem cell treatment very soon but then in the midst I hear about the breakthrough with CCSVI and want to know all about it! I am keeping a blog of the stem cell treatment as it goes along and now with this new theory I have a whole lot more to write about. The whole MS business should not happen in the first place so I want to help push for answers like so many of you. Funny, every time I get really down about the MS situation, I think "worse things have happened to better people." It is a small consolation, somehow it helps.

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