advise for a newbie please

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advise for a newbie please

Postby openmind » Fri May 14, 2010 6:11 am

hi. I started to take LDN 14 days ago and started really low on 0.5mg for a week, then 1mg for a week and now 1.5mg for a day but my legs are getting increasingly stiff again which is what happened to me the last time i tried it at 2.5mg starting dose but got scared as my legs stiffened up straight away.

i dont know whether to up the dose or decrese it or stop it all together?
Some people say they had stiffness at beginning but it went away and others say they got stiffness and it stayed with them even after stopping the drug? Help please....
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Postby tzootsi » Fri May 14, 2010 7:37 am

My wife has been on 3.0 for several years. She went to 4.5 for a week, but then had stiffness, so she now stays at 3.0.
I would go back to 1.0 for a few more weeks, then again try 1.5 for a few weeks. If the stiffness doesn't go away, then drop back to 1.0. I can't imagine LDN causing any permanent stiffness after stopping it. Realize I'm not a doctor! Have you talked to your prescribing doctor, or Skip Lenz at Skips Pharmacy?
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