My LDN experience so far (6 weeks)

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My LDN experience so far (6 weeks)

Postby RedPepper » Wed May 26, 2010 3:57 am

I am 34 years old

I am female.

I have RR MS for about 10 years (diagnosed in 2006)

I have taken LDN for six weeks.

3mg's per night

I obtained my LDN from pharmacy

If I know it, the filler used was Calcium Hydroxide Phosphate - changed to Averil after four weeks

I have the following known allergies: antibiotic Furadantin

I was also taking the following medicines at the time: _NONE_ (important!)

My side effects with LDN were
- insomnia,
- tiredness and
- rage!!!??

I have missed my period in the six weeks since I started the drug (no chance of pregnancy!)

I expected great things but they didn't happen as soon as I thought they would. Coincidently, I began an MS exacerbation in the week before I started LDN. (I imagine that has something to do with why I finally pushed harder to get it... it was not easy.)
I understand it could take a while for the body to get used of a new medication so I will stick with it and hope eternal##1

Please spread the word about this survey to other sites so that we can get a good sample. The URL to refer people to would be: ... opic&t=297

If we gather this information, maybe a pattern will emerge.... Thank you for your participation! and Thanks to MSCareGiver and CCmom for prodding us to put this post together

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