Importance of body's ph level for MSers

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Importance of body's ph level for MSers

Postby manojag22 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:31 am

Contrary to popular belief, many doctors and scientists believe that the body's first defense against disease is not the immune system, but rather the body's natural pH levels. Most of the food items in BBT diets are high alkaline /low acid in it. Thats how LDN works only with the diet.

Because cells are the basis of all life, it is important to keep them healthy in every aspect. One of the more important aspects of keeping them healthy is that of pH.

All of the body's cells are slightly alkaline, and need to stay alkaline to survive. However, as cells perform their necessary tasks, including respiration, the waste products emitted are acidic in nature. The acidic waste products are used as energy, but a buildup of the acids can cause severe damage to the body.

One major system that is affected when the body becomes too acidic is the blood system. Red blood cells are slightly negatively charged. The surface of arteries and blood cells are also slightly negatively charged. This keeps blood cells from being attracted to the walls and sticking to arteries. When the body becomes acidic, the charge of the blood cells becomes slightly positive. They are then immediately attracted to the arterial walls, sticking to them and forming plaque. Plaque buildup over time will cause heart attack and stroke or causing CCSVI.

Blood is the medium by which all nutrients are carried within the body and transferred to cells. When the body becomes too acidic, the blood flow in the vessels decreases significantly, slowing the process by which cells get nutrients. Nutrient-deprived, many cells will die before the blood gets a chance to deliver food to them. Cells that are not destroyed this way adapt to oxygen-deprivation by mutating into malignancy. In this environment, fungus, mold, bacteria, and viruses will breed.

Another affect of an acidic body is evidenced by mineral depletion. The body will, on its own, attempt to balance the pH levels itself. It does this by depositing and withdrawing acidic and alkaline minerals from the bones, soft tissues, body fluids, and saliva. If you continue to keep your body at a low (acidic) pH level, you will eventually become more and more mineral-deficient as in case of MS.

A state of acidosis is linked to decreased oxygenation in the body, and decreased calcium, which the body uses to maintain the alkaline balance. A compound called mono-ortho-calcium phosphate in particular acts as a chemical buffer for the blood, maintaining the alkaline level in the blood. Calcium, however, will only build up in the body, unused, if magnesium is not in the body. Studies show that 86% of Americans are deficient in magnesium; many of these are also most likely deficient in calcium as a result.

Acid in the body tends to wreck havoc on the internal tissues, organs, and systems of the body. Acid will eat through tissues, not only destroying them outright, but also mutating the cell. The cell mutates and can, in turn, cause harm to other cells as well. This can be the beginning of MS.

Your body is very intelligent. It knows that it cannot allow acid to exist, so it devises a way to protect itself against the acid. It creates fat cells to store the excess acid in. Safe in the fat cells, the acid cannot harm your body.

Based on the evidence illustrated above:

An Acidic Body Environment Will:

☼ Encourage breeding of fungus, mold, bacteria, and viruses

☼ Cause the body's environment to become anaerobic

☼ Cause osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, and sleeplessness

☼ Open the body to more disease in general

Alkalizing the Body Will:

☼ Help with the oxygenation of the body and the blood

☼ Help to preserve the body's mineral content

☼ Create a favorable environment for the body's natural process for repairing damaged cells

☼ Improves cellular energy production

☼ Control cellular degeneration

☼ Slow down the process of aging

☼ Help to eliminate excess fat in the body

☼ Help to prevent osteoporosis

☼ Eliminate toxic wastes

☼ Defend the body against various ailments

☼ Fight indigestion, diabetes, tension headaches, high blood pressure, constipation, obesity, and rheumatism

☼ Fortify the immune system

☼ Lubricate joints, making them stronger

☼ Speed up injury recovery process

☼ Improve hydration

☼ Cleanse the colon

☼ Render the body more resistant to flu and other diseases

☼ Rejuvenate the skin

☼ Replace the skin tissues so they become more elastic

☼ Keep the skin from drying up

☼ Detoxify the skin, making it smoother

☼ Enhance absorption of food nutrients

☼ Help you to lose weight

☼ Stabilize blood pressure

☼ Increase energy

☼ Enhance bone and digestive system functions.
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