I got my LDN

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I got my LDN

Postby karbren » Sun Aug 14, 2005 5:29 am

Hi all
I got my LDN 3 days ago the first night i took it at 11pm just before i went to bed. I woke ar 3am in a lather of sweat (most nights i wake up sweating but not like this). but i went back to sleep with no problems.
when i woke up i had a shocker of a headache one like i have never had before but it went away. i didnt notice much till the end of the dayi realized that i wasnt exhausted at 3pm when normally i would be looking for somewhere to snooze and i wasnt as aggitated as i normally am i had a 'i dont give a damn' attitude which is unlike me. so i decided to try and take it at 9.40pm the next night i was up at 2am as bright as a button with a slight headache so i took some pills and went straight back to sleep!!!today i woke up feeling ok and spent a whole day roaming the shops(i couldnt tell you the last time i managed a full day shopping)im tired now but i have just taken my LDN and im ready for bed..i hope i have as much success as many of you guys have had but i will be thankful for any thing!!! good night all...............i hope tomorrow is a good day for all....karen
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