Personal account of LDN

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Personal account of LDN

Postby CureOrBust » Fri Aug 26, 2005 5:55 pm


below is my personal experience of trying LDN for those considering it.

I have what i think is mild MS. Bad balance, tingling in my hands and feet and general muscle weekness/tiredness.

I was on rebif about 4 weeks ago. I have been on Statins for about 2 months. While on rebif i had my worst relapse. And even without the relapse, I felt the rebif made the tingling and balance worst. I realised rebif was not for me, so i quit (this is a MAJOR oversimplification; I didnt take this decision lightly).

After quiting, I was feeling better each day (the statin maybe?)

I got an LDN prescription from my VERY understanding doc, and started on 4.5mg / night.

I have been improving every day. In two weeks the tingling in my hands has nearly got to a stage where i can only tell its still there by rubbing my thumbs over my finger tips.

My balance appears to be getting better also but VERY slowly.

The tingling (pins and needles really) in my feet got so bad during the relapse while on rebif, that it was almost at the stage that you could call it pain.

I dont remember the last time (if ever) the tingling in my hands was this good (as in almost non existant).

I have definetely noticed stiffness the next day, which makes the progress less obvious. However when I skipped a night, I noticed how much better i was without the stiffness. And it returned when I took my LDN the following night. I am guessing/hoping as I improve, the stiffness caused by the LDN will not be an issue because of the underlying improvement. I also tried going down to 3mg one night, and stiffness was still there, just a little less. I virtually never used to remember my dreams, but the first week i remembered two (could of just been a random occurance). I cant think of any other side effects for me.

Anyway, I think the LDN is the reason for my improvements, though its possibly also the statin; but I am not going to stop either to find out which is the one i have to thank... if either. By that, I think the LDN & statin are halding the MS at bay so that my body can repair itself at a rate better than it could before.

So, i would really reccomend anyone thinking about it to give it a go. I am very luck in that my doctor is ready to prescribe any "wierd" medication as long as it "does no harm" (and also if he can make fun of me and my medications; i have known him for 10years). I think he understands how serious this illness is, and any chance of relief is worth a try.

Good luck.
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