LDN & spasms/spasticity

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LDN & spasms/spasticity

Postby popsie » Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:13 am

After 7 months on LDN 3mg I had to stop LDN because of increasing severe spasms & intense pain all day & night. I have a baclofen pump that usually controls the pain & spasms but after having numerous tests a dye pumpogram showed that all the baclofen was leaking into the gut through a hole & not going down the spine. (This caused new weakness in left hand/arm which I has taken nearly 4 months to partially clear.) I had to go into hospital for a new catheter. Finally have no spasms/pain but because I had been off LDN for more than 2 months I had started LOSING the benefits. The following happened – flexibility & mobility much less, post nasal drip returned, some choking, loss of smell, pain flares in toesL

Then I restarted LDN taking 2.00 mg of LDN transdermally but spasms started from 3am (painless but intense) & the spasticity when I got up in the morning was so bad I could hardly walk, couldn’t sit & this lasted until 10 am. So I started trying varying the dose every way I could think of but spasms & the spasticity still persisted at intolerable levels. Then my kinesiologist told me of an Aboriginal remedy she was told that really helped spasms and spasticity. It sounds really weird but I will try most things and it has improved my spasms and spasticity hugely – often as much as 100%. (My spasms & spasticity have always been worse at night). I tape a slice of cork (I use a wine bottle cork) every night over my belly button (I find the clear leucoplast the best for this) and the benefits have been truly remarkable. Also I established through kinesiology that my body would tolerate 4.5ml once a week. After a month I started increasing it slowly.

FINALLY SUCCESS - I currently take 4.5mg every night. Spasms and spasticity are still reduced 98 - 100% (through the cork), both in intensity & frequency. I did find the effect was cumulative and if I forget to put on the cork at night I wake with a spasm & quickly tape on the cork. Costs nothing.
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Postby Algis » Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:30 am

It is not much more crazy than my bar of soap :?

I'll gladly open a wine bottle to try iit out :P
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