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Update from flora68

Postby flora68 » Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:46 pm

Hi guys!

Well, I'm still doing great, still taking LDN (4.5 mg), and still NOT interested in trying anything else, thank you, as long as this works so well for me.

The main MS symptom I still have is a cr*ppy short-term memory (I forget what I was doing/saying when I get interrupted) and urinary retention. (Too bad I don't have better memory retention instead of urinary retention...)

Otherwise I don't think much about having MS, because I was already disabled before I got it with severe spinal problems, which continue to challenge me.

I updated my little "LDN for Multiple Sclerosis" blog (which a few people seem to find interesting) recently because I didn't want my silence to make people think I died or something. Here's a link to it if you're interested: http://ldnformultiplesclerosis.blogspot.com/

That's about it. Hang in there, and for those of you in the Northern hemisphere, good luck with the upcoming heat; it's already too hot in Texas. I'm thinking of starting a special interest group; MS Patients Against Global Warming- anyone with me? (I'm less-than-halfway kidding.)
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