LDN and Tysabri

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LDN and Tysabri

Postby MSnik » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:35 pm

Does anyone know of any information about taking LDN and Tysabri? I need to show my Neurologist why I think it would be okay to be on LDN and start Tysabri as well. From what i am reading about Tysabri, it doesnt affect the immune system at all, so taking LDN shouldnt be a problem, but does anyone know differently or how I can prove it?

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Re: LDN and Tysabri

Postby Lizzy2222 » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:27 pm

Hi- I have been on tysabri for 5 years along with LDN for the past 9 months so far. Also have been on ampyra for 3 years (4-AP for 3 years before this, before ampyra was on the market and FDA approved) my neurologist is the one who suggested this combination of all three and it has been great. No bad effects only good. Still taking all three at the present time. He says they work together and has other patients doing this as well.

Has been 20 years at least with MS and still walking but with cane or some times crutches for long distances. Treadmill everyday, exersize bike 3 times a week, physical therapy, stretching daily.

So I will continue with this cocktail of drugs. What else is there until there is a cure?? Have to keep moving and hopefully slow progression or stop it.

I hope this helps you
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