Wyeth Petition to Restrict Compounding Pharmacies ??

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Wyeth Petition to Restrict Compounding Pharmacies ??

Postby Shayk » Sat Mar 04, 2006 7:38 pm

Hi all

As some of you know I'm using bio-identical hormones to help manage my MS. These are individually dosed and compounded in accordance with the prescribing physician's recommendations taking into account the results of my hormone level(s) tests.

The compounding pharmacy I use has notified me that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has filed a Citizen's Petition with the FDA asking the FDA to impose restrictions on the compounding and dispensing of "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy." (BHRT) :evil:

The literature the compounding pharmacy sent me states in part: "Wyeth's petition asks for strategic restrictions that, if granted, would put an end to all pharmacy compounding. These restrictions would severely restrict or limit the ability of healthcare providers to treat all of their patients, not just men and women on BHRT."

I'm curious to know what, if anything, those of you on LDN may have heard about Wyeth's suit? Have your compounding pharmacists mentioned it? Do they think it will have an impact on LDN prescriptions?

Here's a link to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists web site. More information about Wyeth's petition can be found by scrolling down and clicking on "BHRT Under Attack".
The web site has a link to Wyeth's petition to the FDA (pdf format) and more info about the need to file your comments (if anyone besides me has any :wink: ) with the FDA by April 4th. They also recommend sending your comments to your respective U.S. senators and representatives.

I know it's been a struggle to try and get a clinical trial for LDN. I sincerely hope big pharma is not trying to make it more difficult to obtain LDN from compounding pharmacies.

And, to those of you who may take any action with regard to Wyeth's petition, a big thanks!

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