New LDN user for MS Secondary Progressive

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New LDN user for MS Secondary Progressive

Postby NormB » Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:17 pm

Greetings all,
As mentionned I am SP since 2005. My edss score is near 6.0.
I can still walk short distances until recently. I am canadian and my doctor
completely refused to entertain prescribing LDN even when presented with
litterature aplenty. The fact it was an off-label prescription was enough for him. Afterwards I went on a 10 month quest to find a doctor who would prescribe it. My initial prescription was 1.5mg for 2 weeks then 3mg for the same time and then the 4.5mg ultimate goal.

After the third week I began to feel more energized especially to my legs.
Today after the fourth week and on 4.5 mg I feel much better energy wise.
I can stand for more than 10 min. than before for 2 to 3min. max.
I can walk on uneven ground longer than I did previously on level ground.
I tend to believe I have gained a whole point on my edss score.
I sincerely hope, God willing that I keep the gains it provided me.

Just thought sharing with you.

Take Care All

Norm B
'92 diag RR - '05 SP
On LDN since Sept. 2012 with better quality of life.
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Re: New LDN user for MS Secondary Progressive

Postby JerryD » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:08 pm

Hi Norm,
I have been using LDN 4.5mgs daily for about 2 years. I believe it has been helpful. I am glad you are getting some benefit also. Good luck
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