LDN compounding and the right places

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LDN compounding and the right places

Postby bava » Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:32 pm

I have only read through some of the various comments. I just wanted to say (or reiterate) that it is critical that a recommended compounding pharmacy be used because of the extremely low amount of actual Naltrexone in a 3 - 4.5 mg capsule. Basically it is about 16% if I calculated right. The best compounders, such as listed at www.lowdosenaltrexone.org (not ".com"), need to be used mainly because they use generic powders from the start and are very informed about LDN over many years. Imagine grinding down 50mg tablets and expecting precise amounts of the active ingredient every time! Compounders, such as Skip's Pharmacy in Florida - the very best no doubt - must be employed. They are also the main advocates of LDN, having served thousands of MS clients, as I have read, and keeping track of anecdotal evidence. Dr. Skip calls LDN a "no brainer". Coming from a Suma Cum Lada Dr.Pharm. that sounds encouraging to me. We are discussing a life-time of usage, not a few months. Actually each of us is performing our own - nearly free! - trial, and we probably have to take a year or so to really know if our relapses - the primary prevention strategy of LDN - stop, as well as being conscious of any changes in daily symptoms. Indeed, asking the price might be an insult to the right pharmacist. The courier price to Europe, where I now live, was more than a 6 month's supply from Skip's. So, they appear to be handling a very low profit product compared to branded drugs. Along with those doctors who have been pioneering the program for 2 or more decades, in the face of big business, these are the angels among us. If you believe in God, join me in praying for their success in finally getting the funds to perform a wide-scale trial for all immune system problems LDN is rescribed for (and for the life-long security of these true doctors).
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