Benefits of LDN and/or statins alongside abx

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Benefits of LDN and/or statins alongside abx

Postby SarahLonglands » Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:33 am

I am attempting to make a list of benefits felt by the number of people who are using LDN and/or statins in addition to as an antibiotic regime. I know quite a few people do and I know who some of you are, but I would like to know how much you think you have been helped by using more than one of these "alternative" regimes. Once I was diagnosed with SPMS of a very aggressive nature, I have only used antibiotics so I have no personal knowledge of how these other two things work. I know it is very difficult to know what can be attributed to what but I have always taken the opinion that if something helps you, what does it matter that you can't be sure, apart from the fact that you are spending money on all three things. People who are thinking of starting antibiotics, often ask me if it will be alright to take them with either statins or LDN. The answer is yes, so long as, in the case of statins, you have your liver function tested from time to time, but I never know what to say for sure if they ask about the benefits.

So please, either reply below or send me a PM, because I do get an awful lot of people asking me about this.

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