Pain neuron malfunction, diabetes and autoimmunity

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Pain neuron malfunction, diabetes and autoimmunity

Postby stsolakos » Sun Dec 17, 2006 4:54 am

Hi all.

I have come across this story: ... =63970&p=1

According to the researchers, pain neuron malfunction seems to be the cause of type I diabetes. Injecting a substance correcting the problem cured diabetes in mice within a night! The authors suggest that the same mechanism could be the cause of type II diabetes, Crohn's and MS.

Well, it is quite surprising that a study links pain neurotransmitters, diabetes and autoimmunity. Of course, more research is needed in humans with diabetes, not just mice, but the whole thing gets me a little frustrated due to the lack of attention LDN has by the scientific community.

LDN does work for many (the majority, perhaps) patients with Crohn's or MS. Could LDN not only have immunomodulating effects but also correct the problem at its root?

Food for thought.

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