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Postby mscaregiver » Sat Sep 11, 2004 2:14 am

Here is the link from CNN about the sudden unexplained realization by members of the goverment that the big Pharms are not telling everyone the truth..

And this statement from the article:

But at a contentious congressional hearing Thursday, representatives of the companies said they also are concerned that releasing all of the information will be so unwieldy that it could confuse doctors and patients.

Heaven forbid we have complete information as It would confuse us, thank goodness we have the big pharmacuedical companies looking out for us , statements like this really upset me, the absolute gall of these people to say something like this, if we go by this type thinking, then having incomplete information is "not" a way to confuse the facts.

Their basis for "not" releasing complete information is that there is to much of it and it is confusing, well, we certainly would never think that maybe the reason for this is that the big pharms want it this way so it would be damn near impossible to ever get all the facts needed as to what they "really" are doing now we would we?, and lets see? who is it that pays for most of these ? and who would have control over them, oh! and who would be the ones to oversee the terminology and how the reports are written? thank goodness the Big Pharms are so much smarter than everyone else and lets all thank them for not confusing us with complete facts..

This congressional overview committee apparently was brought into place by the recent death of children concerning anti depression meds:

quote from article :

Such exclusive marketing to children yielded an extra $4 billion for drug makers of such leading antidepressants as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa and Effexor, data released by the committee indicates.


I expect little to come of this, the politicians have been greased by the big pharms for years and years, and I have no doubt that money will be able to keep us right where they want to keep us, drugged up and confused.

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