Must I give up fentanyl?

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Must I give up fentanyl?

Postby zannemarie » Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:30 am

I have suffered from extraordinary pain from spasticity from MS for three years. I'm allergic to most narcotics (percocet, vicodin, codine, etc.). So when we found that the fentanyl (duragesic) patch gave me no side effects and let me live my life again, I was thrilled.

But then I met a woman who owns one of the premiere compounding pharmacies in the US (Marla - and she recommended LDN and I talked to my doctor and she actually agreed to write the prescription! Now I have the pills and I'm anxious to try them but I've been reading all over the internet that I have to wean myself off of all narcotics first. Is that really true? I am afraid of the pain I'll have to go through in the process.

Has anyone else been in this position and had the courage to face the pain? I'm scared. Is it worth it?

- Zanne
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