LDN and drugs for pain

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LDN and drugs for pain

Postby Maz » Thu Nov 25, 2004 4:19 am

:?: My brother gets a lot of pain in his legs. When he was in hospital earlier this year they gave him oxinorm an opiate baseddrug. He is now hooked on it with all the side effects. No apatite, feel sick all the time, beigng sick when he eats, constipated (he has been in hospital with this) feeling cold and shivers. He is also sitll in pain. He needs to get off the oxinorm to get rid of the side effects and be able to take LDN.

He is now in hospital to try and get off oxinorm. ( As the doctors have now made him a drug addict, you think it would be easy to get LDN!!! )
He is in terrible pain all the time, the doctors are not very hopeful at finding something to help him that is not opiate based.


He is close to giving up on life unless we can find some answer.
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Postby adjanimals » Thu Nov 25, 2004 9:05 am

Maz, what type of pain is he having, stiffness, muscle, joint.
I started Copaxone again in August and everything was painful. From my arms, back, joints. So I quit that and spent September recovering.
In October I started taking some Liquid Vitamins & Minerals from ENIVA. There VIBE product helped. Then I started taking LDN. I also have been using an ex n'flex leg exerciser since July. Could only do 15 minutes then. But since the ENIVA products and LDN I'm up to 2 - 3 time a day at 25 minutes. No real hard pain, I just pop an ADVIL every 6 hours along with my BACLOFEN. Been doing better compared to 3 months ago. Haven't seen the big dramatics everyone else is on LDN, but I'm starting to take more steps with my walker. Otherwise I'm in a scooter. PM me if you would like some contact info on ENIVA or Ex N' Flex.
I hope he can get off that drugs that's causing him problems.
Just some thoughts.
Good luck
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I can't take opiates either

Postby flora68 » Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:44 pm

Your brother might be able to take Toradol (ketolorac) for pain for a week or two, while he gets off the opiate, if a doctor will agree to prescribe it temporarily. Toradol works on pain as effectively as morphine does, but is a non-steroidal, non-addictive, very potent anti-inflammatory analgesic. No sedating side effects, just a lack of pain. He'd have to start with an injection, either IV or IM, then continue on with the oral capsules after the initial shot. (It doesn't work as well if you just start with the oral form.)The problem is that one can't take Toradol indefinitely; just a week or two at the most, or it could damage the kidneys. So for chronic pain, it's useful as an occasional reprieve from pain. once or twice a week.

Good luck to your bro.
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Postby Maz » Mon Dec 13, 2004 4:06 am

Thanks Flora68

I will tell my brother of Toradol. He has just come out of hospital after a two week stay to reduce his morphine, and will be going back in January for a further two weeks to come off it completely. He was told that his final dose of morphine will be the hardest to endure, and it scares him. At least I can now tell him there is something that can help.

:) cheers

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Postby CCmom » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:23 am

Toradol is a wonderful idea. It works really well, and is totally non scheduled, so there are no addictive qualities for it. However, since you posted in the LDN forum, I must assume that LDN is a consideration for your brother. Do you realize that at full dosage, Naltrexone is used for addictions and might help him through this time? Talk to his doctor and see what they say. I certainly don't know the answers, but I would try to get to the bottom of this. Maybe your brother's docs might start him out on the full beneficial dosage for addicts and taper him back to the low dosage??? Just a thought! This is what I would do. It might actually help him in more ways than one, Maz!

Kim R.
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HDnaltrexone & opiate addiction

Postby dizzee » Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:53 am

I've only had one experience with Naltrexone - I self-administered for its original purpose about 5yrs ago now (ihad all sorts of self-inflicted problems back then) I don't know how it works but any opiate in your body gets expelled by any means necessary. when it gets properly prescribed for opiate addiction they like you to be clean to start with as your body's own cleaning out process can be quite violent. I was impatient and wanted to be clean - I didn't want to be put on a methadone course and get given a govt. sanctioned habit so managed to procure one of these small pills.
I wouldn't recommend it if you're in pain to start with.
I was impatient and desparate @ the time; ms was the least of my troubles.
it seemed to violently accelerate the withdrawal process

best of luck to your brother
whatever process he chooses
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