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LDN update

Postby Lars » Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:10 pm

I started 3mg's of ldn Feb. 13th and increased to 4.5 mg's on Feb 20th. From about day 3, I started to notice an increase in energy and strangely, that energy increased daily almost to the point that I could time the daily uptick.
As for other improvements, I have noticed no changes in pain or spasticity. But hey, energy is good!
By the way, on or around day 4, I almost stopped because the energy level seemed really uncomfortable. The nearest comparison I can come up with is the tension, angst and pharmaceutical type high one gets from a steroid course. I hated that with steroids and I hated it for a few days with ldn. It stopped after a few days and everything has leveled off.
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Postby Sharon » Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:55 pm

Lars -

Sounds like you are getting along with the LDN. I know what you mean about the "energy thing". I compared it to me drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee in the morning - I would be fidgety and on edge. That feeling lasted about a month. Now I just have steady energy throughout the day - its great! I am on 4.5 mg - my only complaint is that I usually wake up about 2 am (don't really know why), look at the clock and evidently fall back to sleep pretty fast because I do not watch the clock for the next hour or two.

I had my six month checkup last week with my neuro Dr. Bowling who is an MS specialist. He recently wrote an article for the NMSS on LDN - he is still a little apprehensive about it, and he will not prescribe. He did say to keep my current routine because it was obviously working for me. It would be a big, big plus for LDN if someone like Dr. Bowling would come out and actually approve its use. Currently, he is not discounting the use of LDN - two years ago would have been a different story.

Do not get discouraged if your symptoms do not go away - my leg weakness is still with me. But, it really does not bother me that much because I really do feel great.

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