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Postby morrison » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:49 am

Hello everyone I am new to this site and thought this might be useful.

I about to start LDN and am also on betaferon. Aparrently it has been thought the two cannot be taken together but new information shows that as the two are immune modulators they do not work against each other and can be safely used with each otherr. I have been in contact with Dr Tom Gilhooley LDN specialist from Glasgow England and he confirms this. He has many patients on both.
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I take Rebif and LDN

Postby jgkarob » Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:25 am

Thanks to the information from the Glasgow pharmacy and the LDN Trust, I'm happily taking both drugs.
I started Rebif in 2000, moved countries, ran out and then started LDN, thinking that I must be SPMS as I hadn't had a relapse since 05.

April this year I had a really bad relapse and spent two very nice weeks in hospital and my neuro got funding for me to restart Rebif.

LDN had been very good for my bladder and my spasticity and I wanted my 'normal' bladder function back, so after finally having my question answered 'Why can't we take the two together as there is no proof not to?' I restarted LDN too.

I am very pleased to report that I'm doing well and my bladder is like it was before MS came along. Very good news indeed.
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