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crisis under ldn

Postby superman » Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:27 am

Hello everybody
a post to inform you that after 3 months feeling better thanks to ldn, i have had a new crisis: my left leg was hobbling.
Therefore i have had 3 steroids infusion's days.
I am feeling better now, although not perfect.
I am quite disappointed, since some reported ldn stopped crisis.
Meanwhile i think my crisis is due to an over confidence because of my walking improvements under ldn before the crisis. The overconfidence made some exercise i would have done(like biking for one hour)
Therefore;, i do not lose hope and i'll start again ldn in 3 weeks, once my body'll be ssteroid free

as a reminder:

I am 28 years old

I am male

I have RR MS for diagnosed 10/96

I started LDN 01/13/07

I take 4.2mg's per night

I obtained my LDN(Revia 50mg) from

The filler used is liquid ldn.

My doctor IS Dr. Assouad, Paris, France

I have the following known allergies: none

I am also taking the following medicines at the time: none(stopped Copaxone, waiting for Tysabri)

My side effects with LDN are none.

Will be staying on LDN until i was on Tysabri

At the moment my EDSS score is about 1. But when i walk more than 1 milee, my left leg begin to hobble, whereas two years ago i could still run 30' without stopping.
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Back to ldn and back to a good walk

Postby superman » Thu May 10, 2007 10:10 am

Hi everybody,
although i said in my previous message i was disapppointed about LDN, i started again taking it.
The first week i could not feel anyclear improvement, except vivid dreams, which is nt so unpleasant.
Then last week , i could feel my walking was improving, and now, i can really walk fast(i still used to do half marathon 3 years ago although on ms)
last Saturday i went cycling for two hours with a friend, maybe not at a tour de france pace, but without feeling in trouble.
i can just hope that the improvements will keep on and maybe allow me one day run again.
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