Water-based LDN

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Water-based LDN

Postby MSandaVan » Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:28 pm

Seeing as how Naltrexone is water soluble, I just obtained a prescription for Naltrexone 50mg. (told my Doc I never could get enough Heroin! :lol: ) We then brainstormed, and came up with this plan.

Take 500ml distilled water, then crush one 50 mg tablet, add to water, shake vigorously. This gives 1 mg Naltrexone per 10 ml of water. So, if you want, 3 mg Naltrexone, all you need is 30 ml of water, or approximatly 1 Oz..

My doctor also felt this made the Naltrexone more bioavailable with less fillers! Than having capsules made up at a compounding pharmacy. Cheaper too!

You can also self-adjust by changing the amount of water
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Postby PhireX » Thu Feb 24, 2005 4:07 pm

Hi MSAndaVan,

Two thoughts. Most people crush 50mg tablets into 50ml water, and just use a measuring syringe to take either 3ml or 4.5ml, even better, only use half a tablet at a time, to retain freshness of product. Keep it refridgerated.

If your doc is willing you script you Naltrexone, why not just ask him to write you a script for either 3.0 or 4.5mg naltrexone take once daily as needed, then you can just get it filled at a compounding pharmacy like Skip's

Skip's Pharmacy

21000 Boca Rio Rd
Suite A-11
Boca Raton, Florida
Fax: 561-218-8873


Check out this other LDN related forum-


And you can find more info on making liquid LDN there. Feel free to PM me.

The other thought quickly is to sign upto the yahoo lowdosenaltrexone group, just go to groups.yahoo.com and look for the lowdosenaltrexone group and join it! You can get a daily e-mail which can get you in contact with approx. 400 members.

Good luck!
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1.5mg prescription?

Postby dizzee » Mon Feb 28, 2005 3:30 am

hello, don't really know where to post this;
just about to get 2nd 3mg prescription after phone consultation
would skips do 1.5mg so I could potentially increase dose to 4.5mg @ a future date?
liquid option sounds interesting but don't want to rock the boat with this doctor I've only just started seeing.
any thoughts out there?
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Postby Annette » Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:20 am

Hi Dizzee

Yes you can make a 'double order' at Skip's as long as you have a prescription for it. I did exactly the same on my second order and got a prescription for 90, 3mg pills and 90, 1.5mg pills, although Skip's botched my order and only sent me 30, 1.5mg pills for some strange reason.

Anyway, jumping from 3 to 4.5mg was too much too soon and I had terrible stiffness so I just ended up sticking to 3mg. Now I've also got a pack of 50mg Naltrexone tablets that I intend to dissolve as described here. That way I can take my level up VERY gradually to find my optimum. I'll start with increments of 0.10mg and keep going up.

Once I've found my best level then I can order my next batch with confidence. Personally I prefer the idea of capsules as I've heard it's the most reliable way to ensure the dose is fully absorbed whereas in liquid form some substance may be 'lost' during swallowing before it reaches the stomach. Does anyone have any further info on this claim?
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good news

Postby dizzee » Tue Mar 01, 2005 2:45 am

cheers Annette
I've been amazed @ the lack of fatigue I'm feeling on LDN (been on it for a month now) 3mg is beyond fine but you do begin to wonder what else you'd forgotten you were missing out on...
I think I might stick on 3 for the moment
thanks again for the info
best thoughts
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