Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

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Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby heartsandskulls » Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:04 am

Has anyone heard of the "Vecttor" therapy developed by Dr. Donald Rhodes in Corpus Christi? I just stumbled across his youtube videos and all of the videos say to visit his site, for more information but there isn't any. There is just information about it taking approximately 15 days worth of visits to his clinic and the tests that they do. It also talks about it having started the FDA trials but it doesn't even give a hint as to what the treatment involves other than it "is not painful". Having done CCSVI and not feeling much, if any results, I'm again looking for something else to try.

My boyfriend is quitting his job to come and take care of me full time. I'm fortunate enough to be able to "take care" of him financially in return but I'm still looking for other things to try. He is a health nut and has the body to show from eating right and going to the gym. We're going to start some natural remedies as well, mainly getting me back on the "best bet" diet (a version of it anyway) that I had felt pretty good on before but was simply unable to stick to it since it involves fresh foods for the most part and when you live where I do, driving the 30 minutes to the grocery store, doing the shopping and getting back home are way too much to ask for. I'm lucky if I can even get through chewing a couple bites without choking and thinking "great! The MS won't kill me, choking on this bite of chicken will!". :)

Thanks for any info anyone can give me!
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Re: Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby jackiee » Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:36 am

I went on bing (google will work too but I prefer bing) and put in dr. rhodes corpus christi and found all sorts of information. From what I can tell he stumbled onto this treatment while researching helpful treatments for diabetics with circulation problems. It is simply an electronic stimulation therapy that is not painful and works!! Good luck, and reply . Jackie :-D
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Re: Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby lyndacarol » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:49 am

I know nothing about Dr. Rhodes and his therapy, but I wonder if it is similar to that of Dr. Terry Wahls ( who uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation.
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Re: Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby Davegandpam26 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:57 am

Dear heartsandskulls,
I am a patient of Dr. Rhodes and the Vecttor II saved my life. In 2009 I had a surgery gone bad and had some nerves cut. The result was endless brain twisting pain, I wanted to die!!! I felt like a total drain on my husband, kids and family. I was so many drugs I hardly knew what day it was let alone what year. I have very little memory of 2010 and 2011 a mother of 5 I'm sure you can imagine the things I missed and will never get back. After having an un-believable number of procedures done from sympatric blocks to epidural blocks, trials of spinal cord pain pumps and having an in dorsal (spine) Stimulator Implant done, which is a surgery not for the faint of heart, you get to be awake. I found some relief but the CRPS or more commonly known as RSDS took over my body and surpassed the ability of the implant and I started to have convulsions. After numerous admissions to hospitals from Boston to Providence I had given up. I watched as my husband of 39 ready himself for a life of taking full time care of me. I’ve never been a quitter but I was thinking I finally met my match. I could no longer even turn myself in my bed, I’m sure you can imagine the horror of what a shower or even going to the bathroom entailed. Due to the drugs I couldn’t form 5 words together and had so little memory. Many nights I sat with a fist full of pain killers thinking I’d be doing everyone a favor if I just took them and went to sleep, but looking at the sweet sleeping face of my husband I knew it would break his heart and he would somehow blame himself, it would be a hell of away to re-pay him for giving up his life for the past 3 years to take care of me. So we kept going hour by hour. Sometimes 10 min’s by 10 min’s. Thankfully my parents and my husband never gave up. My father and husband stumbled upon Dr. Rhodes on line on the same night. They all begged me to call Dr. Rhodes and my parents in their 70’s on a fixed income said they would pay for everything because at that time the Vecttor II was still in its trail phase and would not be covered by my insurance. I had all kinds of excuses, I was tired, had no hope, was told by many Dr’s that there was NO GOOD treatments for what I have, all we could do was cover it up. God bless them, they had everyone all over the country praying for me. I finally said okay, called made the appointment, had huge guilt over the cost of what my parents would have to put out from airline tickets, hotel, car, meals and then the cost of the machine $4,500.00 seemed huge at the time. Looking back at all the cost of the other medical procedures it was a drop in the bucket for United Health, but for us it was a lot. If it hadn’t been for my parents we would have ended up homeless as the policy that I paid for through work with CIGNA denied that I was disabled. That’s a whole another story. I promised my Dad that I would do my best!! So off we flew from RI to Corpus Christi Texas. I rolled off that plane in a wheel chair, met by some of the most fantastic people, and my journey began.
We landed on 01-17-2012 and my first appointment with Dr. Rhodes was 01-19-2012. I rolled in skeptical but remembering my promise to my Dad. All I could ask is does it hurt. I’d been in so much mind bending pain I needed to know if I was in for more. I got the sweetest smile from Dr. Rhodes, he said Darling if you feel anything I want to know. You shouldn’t feel anything. Sit back, relax, take a nap, Oh God I was sooooo tired, so I did. I swear as God as my witness I walked out of that appointment under my own power. It wasn’t pretty but I could. I returned home the first week of March and continue my treatments, one session in the AM and one in the PM and have made steady progress, reducing my drugs to almost nothing…getting stronger and starting to think about what I want to do when I’m ready and healthy and strong enough to go back to work. Yep, setting goals for our future.
While we were there in Texas, a very special place….we watched as parents of kids of MDF in their wheel chairs come from all over the world and had the privilege of watching a child put his feet to the floor for the first time. I think we cried just as much s his parents did. So the long and short of it Dr. Rhodes has been through all of the FDA requirements and is expecting FDA approval the beginning of September. He has a 90% success rate for treatments from RSDS, MS, DMD, Cronin’s Dieses, Diabetes II, Arthritis the hope is endless. Dr Rhodes has had many patients with MS and I would encourage anyone wanting to take their life back to call him. That office in Texas has miracles happen there every day yet everyone that works there are the kindest most humble sincere people. I have a few videos of MS patients, I hope they help, I sincerely encourage you to take that leap of faith and take back your life. Let your husband be your champion in helping you get your lives back together, look forward to your future with HOPE!!!
If you go to Home Page [] there is a place to e-mail Dr. Rhodes. I promise if you take this leap of faith and believe he can help you will get your life back!!! I have never replied to anything like this but I saw something in your question that I couldn’t just let it go. I sincerely hope for the best for you and your husband and for what your future may hold.

This You Tube video follows the improvements of a 49 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis using VECTTOR2 treatments.
She had been having increasing difficulty with balance when walking or standing. Recently, she lost her balance and fell, tearing free the posterior cruciate ligament, in her right knee.
Prior to the first treatment, she was having difficulty sleeping and walking. In addition, she had been having severe back pain, left hip pain, and right knee pain. The average VPT* testing of 10 different sites in his feet averaged 30.9 and 8 of the 10 testing sites were greater than 25 and none were normal. After one week of VECTTOR2 treatments, the average VPT testing of 10 different sites in his feet averaged 21.6. Only 2 of the sites were greater than 25 and 1 of the sites was normal. The patient’s back, hip, and knee pain disappeared and her walking balance improved.
* Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT) testing is performed on all patients with peripheral neuropathies in our clinic on their first day. This test indicates whether or not the large sensory nerve endings in the feet are functioning within normal limits. Elevated VPT numbers indicate dysfunction of these nerve endings which will cause problems with balance, coordination, and walking.
VPT results less than 15 are considered normal. VPT results between 15 and 25 are considered to have moderate dysfunction of these nerve endings. VPT results above 25 indicate increasingly severe dysfunction of these nerve endings. Higher numbers, particularly those greater than 25, have been correlated to difficulties with balance, coordination, and walking.
VECTTOR Treatment with Multiple Sclerosis
By southtxinnovativemed| 1 video

On day one of treatment, the patient was unable to stand up unassisted. By day 5, the patient was able to stand, using the door for support. The patient's mother sent a video clip taken on day 17 showing the patient standing with improved balance and coordination
Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT) testing is performed on all patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in our clinic on their first day. This test indicates whether or not the large sensory nerve endings in the feet are functioning within normal limits. Elevated VPT numbers indicate dysfunction of these nerve endings which will cause problems with balance, coordination, and walking.
On day one, this child had abnormal results in 70% of the nerve sites tested. After 5 days of VECTTOR treatment, all of the sites tested within normal limits.
6 Year Old with DMD
By southtxinnovativemed| 1 video
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Re: Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby SammyJo » Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:35 pm

Here's some good news!

VECTTOR was recently granted clearance through the FDA and can now be obtained in the USA with a prescription from your doctor. Traveling to Corpus Christi, Texas is no longer required. VECTTOR can be shipped to anywhere in the European Union, with no prescription required.
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Re: Vecttor/Dr. Rhodes?

Postby CureOrBust » Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:37 pm

I understand that its not the way the world works and all, but if they have something that works and they truly believe it works, why don't they offer a full refund if it doesn't? and hence there is no refund with the currently approved MS treatments... 8) The "shopping channel" products have that offer, and they must be making a lot of money regardless.

I quickly checked their website, and I noticed they do not supply to Australia. I do not know about other countries, but we do have very specific laws requiring return options for items not purchased from a store to protect the consumer.
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