Wheelchair Footrest Options

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Wheelchair Footrest Options

Postby lyndacarol » Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:22 pm

I came across the following post on another website; I thought I would post it again here in case someone at This Is MS might have some suggestions:
Wheelchair footrest options


Are there any footrest options other than these three?

1. The rigid built in, doesn't move: suspect wouldn't let me stand close enough to the chair to feel it behind me before I sit down, or sit down far enough back to not have to readjust.
2. The swing out legs: add weight to the chair and are such a hassle to put on and off every time I transport the chair.
3. The fold up feet: seem best but are more work to use than swing-aways—require the extra step of leaning over and flipping each idividually with every in and out of the chair, and get my hands dirty.

I get in and out a lot, usually sit in a regular chair and transfer to wheelchair to move around, and I so would love that to be easier.

The ideal to me would be a rigid footrest that pivots in an out from under the chair, so I could move it out of the way with my feet when I get up, and swing it out to use once I’m in the chair, with my feet if they work or at least with only one hand motion (vs the 2 of flip up feet).

Does anyone know if such a thing is available, or have any other ideas for me?


I don't have any ideas for this person, but you might. If you have suggestions, post here and I will pass them along to him. And, who knows, this information might be handy to some of our TIMS members, too.
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