New to this group- have a couple of questions

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New to this group- have a couple of questions

Postby SherryLR » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:39 am

Hello everyone! I am going to assume I am "old enough" to be here, however, I am only 59 yrs. young. Anyway, I have not been officially diagnosed, but, current doc highly suspects MS. Which I do find interesting because about 15 yrs. ago, my dr. then thought the same thing, but, mri came back negative. However, I have been having symptoms the whole time off and on. I am currently having to save enough money to get the mri the doc wants to do now. The question I have is, how long does and "episode" of optic neuritis usually last? I have been having blurry vision off and on for sometime and a couple of days ago the vision in my right eye went very strange. Could only see half of a persons face and I noticed the pupil in that eye was smaller than the other one. It lasted about 2 hrs. I am going to make an eye appt. to see what may be going on. It may be totally unrelated to anything else going on. Sorry to ramble, but totally frustrated on not being able to come to a definite diagnosis on anything!! I wish the tests were not so expensive. Makes it more difficult to deal with not actually knowing what is going on.
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